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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hong Lei's Remarks on Applications Filed by Pakistan and India for Full Membership of the SCO

Q: Pakistan and India have filed in succession applications for full membership of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). What is China's stance?

A: The recently concluded SCO Summit in Dushanbe has adopted legal instruments on enlargement, indicating that the SCO is legally ready to admit new members and that the door is open for new members. China attaches importance to the great influence and role of India and Pakistan in the region. We believe that Pakistan and India, as observer states, have taken an active part in all kinds of cooperation under the SCO framework and made positive contributions to the development of the SCO. India and Pakistan are welcome and supported by China to become new and full members of the SCO at an early date.

We believe that the inclusion of India and Pakistan in the SCO will contribute to the further development of the organization and reinforce its commitment to safeguarding regional security and promoting common development. China will stay in close communication with SCO members, India and Pakistan on issues concerning enlargement in the next step.

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