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Consul-General Liu Jian's Remarks at the Opening Ceremony of China-Arizona Cultural Day

Distinguished guests,

Dear friends,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Good Morning!

In this beautiful Autumn season, I am so delighted to have you join us in China-Arizona Cultural Day and together celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival, which is one of the most important traditional festivals in China, the festival is also called the Festival of Reunion.

On this reunion day, we get together at the Arizona State University to recall friendship and to experience the Chinese culture. We know Arizona State University is a prestigious university with a long history. Today, over 11,000 international students including 3,700 Chinese students are studying here. A Confucius Institute was established in 2007, also being with us today, 100 coaches from China who are conducting training program in this school. All of these make the University a meeting place for different cultures.

Dear friends,

China-US relationship is one of the most vibrant and promising bilateral relationships in the world, and its sub-national cooperation, including that of people-to-people contacts serve as a central form of its foundation, and culture is an important vehicle to strengthen the mutual understanding and friendship between our two peoples.

Last year, one China cultural group performed in Phoenix. It's reported that they were well received. From this November to January 2017, a magnificent lights display from China will be shown in this city. I hope cultural exchange will enhance cooperation and draw on each others strengths. Through collaboration, we should aim to jointly produce more works reflecting our common values and feelings.

Today, we are very much honored to have the China national-level musicians and artists all the way from China with us. I was told some Arizona local friends will join today's cultural show. I cannot wait to appreciate their wonderful performance.

Before I conclude, I wish to express my hearty thanks to Confucius Institute. I thank you for the hard work in preparing today's show. And more than that, I thank you for your continuous efforts over the years to promote China-Arizona cultural exchanges and to enhance mutual understanding between people of our two countries.

In conclusion, I wish China-Arizona Cultural Day to be a great success and wish you all enjoy today's cultural show.


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