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Remarks by Acting Consul General Sun Lushan on Silk Road American Forum (Excerpts)
(November 2, 2017, J.W. Marriott Downtown, Los Angeles)

The "Belt & Road Initiative" was mentioned five times in President Xi Jinping's report to the just-concluded 19th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party. China will continue to pursue the "Belt and Road Initiative" as a priority, give equal emphasis to 'bringing-in' and 'going global', follow the principle of achieving shared growth through discussion and collaboration , increase openness and cooperation in building innovation capacity, and forge an opening up pattern through links running eastward and westward, across land and over sea. The pertinent content was also included into the new Communist Party Platform, which fully reflects importance China attaches to the Initiative, and its determination and confidence in advancing international cooperation in this regard. And this will further guide and empower us in pursuing the Initiative along with other countries, forging a new type of international relations, and building a community with a shared future for mankind. It is our belief that the Initiative will not only create more opportunities for China's opening up and development, but also for the rest of the world as well as the global economic recovery.

Since the Initiative was first put forward by President Xi Jinping in 2013, it has been converted from idea to action and from vision to reality with smooth progress and fruitful results. And the initiative, widely recognized and endorsed by the international community, has drawn support or participation from more than 100 countries and international organizations, including the United Nations. Relevant contents have been either included or reflected in the resolutions and documents of the UN General Assembly, the Security Council, APEC and ASEM, etc.. The Belt and Road Summit Forum for International Cooperation, held in May in Beijing and participated by 1600 delegates from over 140 countries and 80 international organizations, reached more than 270 concrete results in 76 items. Participating parties all agreed to jointly build the Belt and Road into a road of peace, prosperity, opening up and innovation connecting different civilizations, indicating that the Initiative has entered into a new phase of development. Last September, the UN General Assembly incorporated in its resolution the principle of achieving shared growth through consultation and collaboration. As of the end of September this year, China has signed cooperation documents with 74 countries and international organizations. As of the third quarter of this year, China's import and export with countries along the Belt and Road has increased 20.1%. So far, it has helped to create 180, 000 job opportunities for its members. The Initiative has become the most important new platform for international cooperation, and the most welcomed international public product.

The reason the Initiative has been so successful is that it provides a solution to major global issues as it holds the bull by the nose ring. In recent years the world economy has remained sluggish. The counter-globalization is surging with protectionism being popular. As the deficits in peace, development and governance and other deeply rooted problems increasingly surface, and require immediate solutions, the world has entered into a critical time in development. And it has become an important epochal issue that where the world shall go. In view of this, President Xi points out that development is "the Master Key" to solving all those problems, while the Belt and Road Initiative is "the Golden Key". This initiative based on the Chinese wisdom is proposed by China, aimed at promoting interconnected development, working towards a more fair and efficient global governance, and settling the global and regional economic issues.

President Xi also mentioned in his report that, the Communist Party of China strives for both the well-being of the Chinese people and the human progress. The people-centered developing philosophy is the mainline running through the Congress, and also serves as the guideline for the Chinese diplomacy in the new age. In this sense, the Belt and Road Initiative is the embodiment of President Xi's thoughts on the socialism with Chinese characteristics in foreign policies. As the saying goes, one who travels alone goes fast, while one who travels in company goes far. The world is becoming increasingly small. And the new situation calls for all countries to build a solidary community with shared future, help each other and overcome difficulties together. China benefits from the world for its development, and therefore is ready to share with the world the opportunities and profits incurred from its development. As China grows, China becomes more capable of affording more international obligations, is willing to continue to play a critical role as a responsible power, combine China's development with the world development, integrate the Chinese dream into the world dream to achieve common development, and make its due contributions to the mankind as a whole. The Belt and Road Initiative is not a "Solo" performed by China alone, but a "Symphony" involving all nations. This explains well the major power diplomacy with Chinese characteristics, and is the core of the ideas of building a new type of international relations and the community with shared future for mankind, initiated by China .

The Belt and Road Initiative is an open and inclusive platform for development with no clear geographical boundary. All countries are welcome to participate, contribute and benefit, and collaborate with each other through policy coordination, facilities connectivity, unimpeded trade, financial integration and people-to-people bond on the principle of achieving shared growth through consultations, and seek common development, mutual benefit and win-win cooperation. President Xi has sent invitation to President Trump and Governor Brown respectively to welcome US governments and businesses at different levels to participate in the Initiative. California has cutting-edge advantages in the areas of economy, trade and investment, clean tech, low carbon environmental protection, bio medicine, high tech and internet, and has rolled out a massive infrastructure renovation and development plan. The cooperation between China and California is mutually complementary, and has huge room for improvement. Here I want to share with you the following ideas:

1) Establish liaison with relevant Chinese institutions, closely communicating with each other, sharing information with each other, strengthening policy coordination, and integrating development strategy and cooperation plan. Meanwhile two parties shall exploit the industrial advantages of their own enterprises, complement each other, and grow together.

2) Improve the mechanism for cooperation. Both sides shall fully leverage existing assets and institutionalize such resources as China-California Joint Working Group on Infrastructure, China Provinces-U.S. California Joint Working Group on Trade and Investment, and a huge number of sister cities, while actively exploring ways for participation and cooperation, and pursuing new areas of collaboration.

3) Promote people-to-people exchanges, which serves as the very foundation of the China-U.S. relations. The bond between peoples is an important part of the Belt and Road Initiative, and plays a critical role in promoting cooperation. Two parties shall actively seek multi-level people-to-people collaborations in broader areas, facilitate more people-to-people exchanges, enhance mutual understanding and friendship, and build solid social and public support for cooperation with each other.

I'd like to take this opportunity to release the following information. In coming December, the City of Tianjin will host the Belt and Road International Port Cities Seminar. In July 2018, the City of Ningbo will host the Belt and Road Port Summit Forum. And the first International Import Expo will be held in Shanghai in November 2018. You are all welcome to participate in these events.

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