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The first China International Import Expo, or CIIE, will be held from November 5 to 10, 2018, in Shanghai, according to the Ministry of Commerce of China.
In May 2017, Chinese President Xi Jinping announced at the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation that China will hold China International Import Expo (CIIE) starting from 2018. 
It is a significant move for the Chinese government to hold CIIE to give firm support to trade liberalization and economic globalization and actively open the Chinese market to the world.  It facilitates countries and regions all over the world to strengthen economic cooperation and trade, and to promote global trade and world economic growth in order to make the world economy more open.
The first import expo will include a country pavilion for trade and investment, and a enterprise & business exhibition. A trade forum, featuring such topics as "trade and opening", "trade and innovation", and "trade and investment", will also be held during the expo.
The country pavilion is exclusively reserved for country exhibitions, not for business transactions.
The other part of the expo, ENTERPRISE & BUSINESS EXHIBITION, consists of two sections, trade in goods and services.  The section of trade in goods includes 6 exhibition areas: High-end Intelligent Equipment; Consumer Electronics & Appliances; Automobile; Apparel, Accessories & Consumer Goods; Food & Agricultural Products; Medical Equipment & Medical Care Products with a total area of 180,000 square meters.  The section of trade in services comprises Tourism Services, Emerging Technologies, Culture & Education, Creative Design and Service Outsourcing with a total area of 30,000 square meters.
To book your booth at the Import Expo, please contact us via guoruda@mofcom.gov.cn/ yuanhao@mofcom.gov.cn, or via +1(213)807-8026/ +1(213)807-8053

For more information, please visit the official website of the China International Import Expo: http://www.shanghaiexpo.org.cn/ 
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