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Opening Remarks by Consul General Zhang Ping At the 2018 Los Angeles Environmental Forum

It gives me great pleasure and honor to attend the 2018 Los Angeles Environmental Forum. First of all, on behalf of the Chinese Consulate General in Los Angeles, I wish to congratulate the Southern California Chinese-American Environmental Protection Association (SCCAEPA) on the successful opening of the forum and extend warm greetings to all the participants of the event.

I am pleased to learn that over the years, SCCAEPA has actively engaged in raising the awareness of environment protection and dedicated itself in promoting exchange and cooperation in environmental protection between China and the US. Since the establishment of Los Angeles Environment Forum, the Forum has conducted many activities and has become a major platform for such exchange and cooperation, contributing a great deal to the advancement of environmental courses in both countries.

Climate change and environmental degradation are the serious challenges confronting mankind. It is the shared responsibility for all the countries to protect our planet, our common home, for the sake of human survival and development.

China attaches great importance to the conservation and protection of environment, with the understanding that lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets and building an ecological civilization is of fundamental importance for the sustainable development of the Chinese nation. The CPC 19th National Congress has made the developing an ecological civilization and building a beautiful China as a fundamental national policy and has set out a goal of achieving a fundamental improvement of the environment quality by 2035.

We have made extraordinary efforts in addressing those prominent environmental problems that are harmful to people’s health. We have promulgated the new Environmental Protection Law, introduced the Action Plan for Prevention and Control of Water,Air and Soil Pollution, and have implemented with the strictest possible systems for environmental protection. We have worked hard to develop eco-friendly growth models and ways of life by investing more in renewable and clean energy and closing down those obsolete industrial facilities that caused heavy pollution. These efforts have started to pay off with mountains turning greener, sky getting bluer and waters becoming cleaner. While we see obvious improvement in our ecological environment, we also realize that there is still a long way to go before we see a fundamental change.

To address environmental issues, capacity building is essential. In recent years, the Chinese government has worked out guidelines and incentives to unleash market potentials for the development of ecological and environmental industry. The industry is experiencing rapid growth. It is estimated that within the next few years, the average annual growth of the industry will reach 15%. By 2020, the annual output of the industry will exceed 400 billion US dollars and the total investment in environmental protection will reach 2.5 trillion US dollars. This will provide tremendous opportunity for international cooperation in terms of green technologies, products and services. We welcome our US partners to work with us in building a beautiful China.

China is committed to working with international community to advance the building of global ecological civilization. We have been actively participating in global environmental governance and have contributed our part to the global efforts in tackling climate change.

Climate change is real. It is a global issue which requires global solution and global collaboration. While we proceed with international collaboration, it is important that a sound environment be maintained in which normal academic exchanges and technical cooperation are encouraged, rather than obstacles and barriers being installed based on unwarranted grounds.

California is a leading state in the US in environmental protection and green growth. It plays important role in the global effort in combating climate change. There are a lot that our two sides can learn from each other. We encourage more bilateral exchanges and cooperation in this area and welcome more active participation by two countries’ academic circle and business communities. The Chinese Consulate General in Los Angeles stands ready to facilitate any collaborative efforts in this regard and looks forward to working with you to elevate China-California environmental protection cooperation to a new height.

I wish today’s forum a great success!

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