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Remarks at the Consulate Open-Day Reception for Chinese Government Scholarship Recipients

Today, my colleagues and I are very pleased to host this Consulate Open-Day reception to welcome the faculty members and students from CSUN and SDSU and some of American alumni who used to study in Chinese universities. I wish to recognize the presence of ten special guests and their family members. They are the recipients of 2018 Chinese Government Scholarship from CSUN.

You may have noticed that this reception is a bit unusual, unusual in the way that it has quite a lot of interactive cultural activities. For the ten Chinese government scholarship recipients who are about to embark on the journey to China, this is a preliminary orientation which I hope will help you to touch base on Chinese culture and help you to adept to the new environment. For those who had the experience of living in China, this is a nostalgic event which I hope will bring back the fond memories of your happy time in China.

This is also a nostalgic moment for me. When I saw so many young faces, it reminds me of the exciting moment when I was in your age and received the university offer. I cannot help admiring the fact that you are living in a fortunate time where opportunities remain abundant for student exchanges between our two countries. We should be grateful to the development of China-US relations which has made all these possible.

I guess some of you may feel a bit uneasy especially when you are about to fly halfway around the world to another country. You may wonder what the new life will be in China. I shall say, don't worry. Life in China will be a great fun.

In China, you will not only acquire new knowledge, but will also find many ways to enjoy the fascinating Chinese culture and history. You will not only live and study on campus, but will also have chances to tour different places where you can see picturesque sceneries and cultural heritage sites. You will definitely taste different kinds of Chinese food. Among its great variety, they will find your favorite.

Apart from your classmates and teachers, you will also be able to meet with the people of different walks of life. You will find them friendly and hospitable. You will find that the Chinese people and the American people actually have much in common.

Ten years ago, a young man from Los Angeles, traveled to China to pursue his doctoral degree in the renowned Qinghua University. Two years later, he won the Special Chinese Government Scholarship for exceptional performance. When asked why he had decided to pursue higher education in China in the first place, he said, in this 21st-century world where globalization is gaining momentum on every front, people from different countries and civilizations need to better understand and appreciate each other through cultural exchanges in order to work shoulder to shoulder for mankind's common cause. Being the two major countries in the world, the United States and China are taking major responsibilities for global governance with much shared interest. Studying in China is an effective way to bridge the hearts and minds of the American people and the Chinese people.

What this young man said is right. China and the U.S. are two great nations. Though our two countries may have differences on many issues, we still have lots of common interests. It is important that we enhance mutual understanding and build up mutual trust and seek ways for win-win cooperation. It is in the interest of our two countries as well as the world to maintain a stable and healthy China-US relationship. Any attempts to undermine the people to people exchange is against the will of our two peoples and is harmful to the bilateral relations.

Since I assumed office as Chinese Consul General in Los Angeles, I have deeply felt the friendship of the American people toward the Chinese people. I believe that the strength of China-U.S. friendship lies in our people, and its future rests with our young generation.

I hope while studying in China, you will be the good will ambassadors in promoting mutual understanding and friendship between our two peoples. You will, in a Chinese saying, study hard and make progress every day. We wish you all the success and look forward to hearing good news from you.

Before I conclude, I wish to thank the faculty members of CSUN for your long term support to the Chinese Government Scholarship program. We appreciate what you have done.

I also want to thank the teachers and students from SDSU Confucius Institute for your commitment and dedication to the Chinese language education and cultural exchange. Thank you for bringing us the wonderful Chinese cultural performance today.

Finally, I wish all the Scholarship recipients a pleasant trip to China, and hope you will find your study in China most rewarding and productive.

I wish all the distinguished guests a very pleasant and enjoyable evening.

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