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Remarks at AFM China Night by Consul General Zhang Ping

It gives me great pleasure and honor to attend this China Night event and meet with Ambassador Rivkin, Chairman of the US Motion Picture Association and film makers from different countries, including the movie industry leaders and professionals from China.

I have learnt that the American Film Market is the world’s largest motion picture business event, which gathers the film makers from all over the world. This provides a good platform for Chinese movie makers to engage with their international counterparts, particularly those from Hollywood to explore more opportunities for exchange and collaboration.

In recent years, China’s movie industry has achieved remarkable progress. The movie market remains very active. Good movie products keep coming out. Movie viewers and box office increase rapidly. China has become the world’s second largest movie market and number of cinema screens has taken up the number one position it the world, presenting a very promising prospect for the industry’s development.

The Chinese government attaches great importance to the movie and TV industry and has incorporated the industry into the overall national economic and social development plan. It has become an important engine driving the domestic consumption, job creation and economic growth.

The development of Chinese movie industry is benefited from China’s economic growth, rising living standards and continued reform and opening up. It is a result of relentless efforts and hard work by Chinese movie makers. It is also a result of international cooperation.

In recent years, Chinese movie makers have conducted various forms of exchange and collaboration with their US counterparts. Every year dozens of Hollywood blockbusters are screened in China and co-production is gaining momentum. These collaborations have not only brought substantive economic benefits to each of our industries, but also connected the hearts and minds of our two peoples. Films produced by American studios based on Chinese stories, such as Mulan, Gongfu Panda and China-US co-production, like The MEG, have achieved big success in both domestic and global box office.

What is more encouraging is that more and more Chinese movies are entering into US market. I have learnt that the Shadow, a film directed by renowned Chinese director Zhang Yimo, and In Harm’s Way, directed by Danish director Billy August, will soon make their debut in US cinemas. I hope they will achieve the same success.

For Chinese movie industry to go global, international cooperation is indispensable. China and the US have great complimentary for cooperation in movie industries. Being the two largest film markets in the world, we see enormous potential and broad prospect.

To further our cooperation, mutual understanding and mutual respect is essential. Some of my friends who were involved in co-production told me that the process of co-production was the one from cultural conflict to the cultural integration. Both sides need to overcome many differences in ideology, social system, culture and tradition. However, so long as both sides have the good will, always there is a happy ending. Same is true for the China-US relationship. Facts have proven that so long as we proceed from the principle of mutual respect and win-win cooperation, we can manage our differences and keep China-US relationship on the right track.

As Consul General of China based in Los Angeles, the home of Hollywood, I sincerely hope that more fruitful results can be achieved through exchange and cooperation in movie making between China and the United States. We wish through cooperation in movie making, we can build a bridge of understanding and friendship between our two peoples. I look forward to working with you.

Thank you.

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