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Processing Time, Visa Fees, Pickup & Payments


1. Processing Time

1) Visas can generally be picked up on the 4th business day from the date of application.  For example if your application is submitted on Monday, your visa can usually be picked up on Thursday.

2) 3rd business day rush service and 2nd business day express service are available, but it should be approved and additional rush or express service fee should be paid. Please read below. 

3) Exact pickup date will be marked on your pickup slip.

4) On a case by case basis, processing time of some applications may be longer than 4 business days. In this case, no pickup date is marked on the pickup slip, and you will be informed on the spot or later after your application is submitted.

2. Visa Fee

1) Regular fee-Pick up on the 4th business day

Number of Entries



One Entry

USD $140

USD $30

Two Entries

USD $140

USD $45

Multiple Entries for 6 Months

USD $140

USD $60

Multiple Entries for 12 Months or more

USD $140

USD $90

 * Visa fee for certain non-U.S. applicants may vary from the list above based on reciprocal agreements.

2) Express and Rush Fee

Express service, 3rd business day pickup: an additional fee of USD $25 per visa.

Rush service, 2nd business day pickup: an additional fee of USD $37 per visa. 

3. Pickup

1) Pickup slip is the only proof to collect your visa. Applicant should take all responsibilities when the pickup slip is lost and visa should be picked up by the applicant him or herself by presenting a valid photo ID.

2) Visas can be picked up by the applicant or someone else with the original pickup slip. No mail-back service is available for visa applicant.

3) Please pick up your visa on the pickup date marked on the pickup slip. If you cannot pick up on that date, you may come to collect within 1 week. Otherwise your passport may be handed over to U.S. immigration while the visa will also be cancelled.

4. Payment

1) Visa fee should be paid upon collection of your visa.

2) We accept credit card (Visa or MasterCard only), money order, and cashier's check.

Cash, personal check or online payment is NOT accepted.

3) Please make your check or money order payable to: Chinese Consulate in Los Angeles, and have the exact and correct amount written on your check/money order. No erroneous check will be accepted.

4) Once your application is submitted, visa fee should be paid and there is no refund even if you will not visit China with it. Express or rush fee should also be paid even if you do not pick up on the pickup date.

5) Passport and visa are not permitted to be picked up before visa fee is fully paid. Your visa will be cancelled if you denied to pay for the fee late and this will seriously affect your future visa application.

6) Please check your visa on the spot. Please click here to Learn about China Visa.

If you have more questions, please click here.

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