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Must-read Tips for All Visa Applicants
Tips to apply for China visa

-Before you come:

Visit official website-Visit the website of the Consulate General to learn about visa guide and detailed and updated requirements. Please click here to select a proper visa for your visit.

Prepare accordingly-Follow the information on our website, carefully prepare and make all the documents in order. Requirements are not negotiable. Make sure to type all capital letters into the application form and bring a passport photo. No photo service, but copy/printing machine with $0.25 per copy is available inside the hall.

Parking-No parking is provided by the Visa office but street limit-time parking or pay lot may be available on the streets or in some nearby buildings. Click here for Schematic Diagram of Parking Places.

Walk-in without appointment and no mail service -Visa applicant should be located in the U.S. but not in mainland China while the application is submitted. No mail-in, mail-back or online service is provided. Visa applications should be submitted by walk-in without booking an appointment.  Due to market competition, we do not authorize or recommend any visa agent to applicants.

How to hand over your application-Visa applications can be handed over by applicants, someone else such as a visa agent with your passport and supporting documents and no power of attorney is required. Applicant may not appear in person unless demanded by consul.

If you have a valid visa in your previous passport, please click here.


-Submit your application:

Find our location-Visa office is located at 3rd floor, 500 Shatto Pl. Los Angeles (Click for map and direction), but not at 443 Shatto Pl., headquarter of the Consulate General. Please click for address, contacts and working hours

Come early-No appointment before you come. Come early before 10:30am and avoid the first working day before and after weekends or holidays, to beat possible long waiting line.

Security check-All applicants are subject to security check when entering the office.

Take a ticket number-Take a ticket number if you are submitting your application. No number is needed for collection.

Be patient-Be seated and wait for your number to be called.

Be honest and courteous-Hand over your passport and all your supporting documents along with your number. Be courteous and answer questions faithfully and clearly.

Take your pickup slip-Once your application is received, your passport and required supporting documents should be left to us. A pickup slip will be given to you showing your case number and your pickup date. Keep the slip in a safe place.  

-Pick up your visa:

Pickup date-Pick up on the date marked on your pickup slip.

Bring your pickup slip-Original slip should be presented when pickup.

No number required-No ticket number is required when you come to pick up your visa. After security check, line up separately in front of Window 1 & 2.

Payment-Visa, MasterCard, money order is accepted for visa fees. No cash payment please.

Please click for processing time, visa fee, pickup and payments.

Check your visa-Check the details of your visa on the spot.

-Step by Step Guide to China Visa



Please click here to download a PDF version

- To select a proper visa, please click here .

- If you have more questions, please click here.


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