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Visa Application Arrangements for Foreign Nationals during COVID-19 Pandemic

At present, the order of Temporary Suspension of Entry by Foreign Nationals Holding Valid Chinese Visas or Residence Permits is still in effect. Foreign nationals holding valid Chinese visas, residence permits(permits for work, personal matters and family reunion are not included) and APEC Business travel cards are temporary suspended of entry into China. For updated information, please visit the website of the Chinese Consulate General in Los Angeles.

Foreign nationals are advised not to travel unless it is necessary or urgent during Covid-19 pandemic. If you need to visit the mainland of China due to urgent humanitarian reasons or resumption of work or production, you are required to apply for a separate visa (the previous visa will not be cancelled).

The Chinese Embassy and Consulates in the United State process visa applications in accordance with the Consular jurisdictions. The Chinese Consulate General in Los Angeles only accepts visa applications of foreign nationals who reside in areas within the Consular jurisdiction of the Consulate General in Los Angeles.


Foreign nationals who intend to apply for a visa to the mainland of China due to emergency humanitarian or resumption of work or production, are required to make an Online Appointment for China Visa. The Consulate General will review the submitted information and send back a confirmation email if it is approved. Applicants can only mail the visa application materials after receiving the confirmation email. The specific steps are as follows:

1.  To make your appointment

1) Applicants must make an appointment in advance. Please click to make an Online Appointment for China Visa. Please provide your personal information truthfully, describe the purpose of your visit, and submit necessary supporting materials:

A. For urgent humanitarian reasons, please submit:

Proof of kinship: birth certificate, marriage certificate, notarial certificate of kinship, household register or other materials proving the kinship of the applicant and the invitee in China.

Hospital diagnosis documents: notice of critical illness of relatives in China recently issued by hospital, or diagnosis certificate indicating the severity of illness with official seal of the hospital.

Other supporting documents which support your emergent or humanitarian reasons.

B. For resumption of work or production, please submit:

An official letter from the inviting company in China stating the specific reasons and necessity of visiting China.

Invitation letter(PU) issued by Provincial Foreign Affairs Office or Commercial Department, or work permit issued by competent department in China, etc.

A formal letter from the U.S. company stating the specific reasons and necessity of your visit to China.

C. Facilitation for foreign nationals who have been vaccinated with Chinese vaccines:

For foreign nationals and their family members travelling to the mainland of China for resumption of work or production: in addition to materials for returning to work and production, proof of kinship is also required.

For foreign nationals visiting the mainland of China for urgent humanitarian reasons, such as family reunion, taking care of the elderly parents, attending funeral or visiting critically ill relatives: eligible applicants are family members of Chinese citizens or foreign nationals with permanent Chinese resident permit, including spouses, parents, children and other close relatives living together (brothers, sisters, grandparents, grandchildren). In addition to the documents to prove the emergency, humanitarian needs, proof of kinship is also required.

Holders of valid APEC business travel card: please submit valid APEC business travel card and invitation letter issued by a company in China.

2) The Chinese Consulate will carefully review the appointment and make a decision on case-by-case basis.

If approved, a confirmation email with an appointment number will be sent back to your email address. Please be noted that, those whose applications are not approved will not get a confirmation email.


1)  Please do not make an appointment if purposes of your intended visit is not for emergency, humanitarian or resumption of work or production.

2) Please clearly state your situations and provide all the relevant materials in one submission.

3) The following cases will not be approved: insufficient documents to support the purpose of your visit; forged or fake supporting materials, or others situations, which are identified as ineligible reasons to visit China during the pandemic.

4) If you don't receive a confirmation email, it means your application has not been approved. Please be advised to postpone your trip and there is no need to contact for further inquiry by mail or phone call.

2.  To prepare your application materials

Please prepare the following materials accordingly once you receive the confirmation email from the Consulate General:

1)Original passport. Passport should have 6 months validity and with one blank visa page at least.

2)One copy of passport data page.

3)Visa application form and confirmation page. Visa applicants should fill in the visa application form online. Please click here to fill in the form.

Please sign the printed form and confirmation page and write down the appointment number at the upper right corner of the application form.

Please refer to the appendix down below for more details about the online form.

4) Passport Photo. Please affix a passport photo to the confirmation page. The photo should be taken recently, showing full front view of your head, colored, and without hat on. Please click here for more specific requirements of photo. 

5)Other materials. Please refer to the detailed visa instructions, and prepare according to your personal situation:

a. For the first-time applicants who were born in China, please submit the original Chinese passport and a copy of the information page.

b. For those who have been taken Covid-19 Chinese vaccines, the vaccination certificate and the corresponding kinship certificate etc. shall also be submitted.

d. Other materials if requested by the Consulate when necessary.

6)Proof of residency: such as a copy of the U.S. driver's license, water or electricity bills, etc.

7)A return envelope which will be used to mail the visa/passport back to you.

a. The return envelope must be an USPS priority mail express envelope. It should be prepaid, with the recipient's name, detailed address and telephone number.

b. One return envelope for each applicant.

c. Make sure the recipient information is accurate and keep the tracking number to track the status of your mail.

d. Mailing address on the return envelope must be an address in U.S.

8)Payment. During the pandemic, all visa applications are processed as urgent cases:

a. Total visa fee is $170 per visa for U.S. passport holders. We accept money order or cashier's check only. Please fill in the total fee accurately, and make it payable to Chinese Consulate in Los Angeles.

b. For other foreign nationals, please fill in and sign the Credit Card Payment Authorization Form for payment.


1) Please carefully prepare all above mentioned documents in order. Applications with insufficient materials, or fake materials will be delayed or denied.

2) The applicant should truthfully state the situation and prepare the application materials. Any false declaration or fake material may violate Chinese laws and regulations, which will directly lead to refusal of visa application, or of entry into China in the future.

3) Non-USPS delivery, or payments other than the above-specified will not be accepted.

3. To mail out your application

1)The application materials should be prepared in order as listed above and sent to Chinese Consulate General in a USPS Priority Mail Express envelope. Other mailing methods are not accepted.

Please check and confirm that all the information is correct, and write the envelope in the following format:

Applicant's name             Visa Application

Applicant's address         Appointment No. XXXXXXXX

Passport and Visa Office

Chinese Consulate General in Los Angeles,

443 Shatto Pl., Los Angeles, CA 90020

2)Please mark Visa Application on the envelope along with your name and mobile phone number.

3)Please keep the tracking number of the return envelope, so you can track the status of your package later.


1) Please mail the visa application materials only after receiving the confirmation email. Application materials without confirmation by the Consulate General will be returned.

2) Please check and confirm that all materials are correct according to the requirements, and put them into the envelope in order. 

If the envelope is not written according to the above requirements, it will be directly returned.

3) All visa applications are processed through mail service during the pandemic. Walk in submission or collection are not available in any case.

4) Mailing service is provided by post office. The applicant shall bear all the risks and responsibilities for any loss, damage, delay during mailing process. Please reserve enough time for remedy, and keep copies of relevant materials in advance.

4. Processing time

Receiving your application by mail does not mean that the visa will surely be granted. The Consulate General will further review the materials and make the decision on case-by-case basis.

If the application is approved, visa will be issued and your passport will be mailed out as soon as possible. Applicants will normally receive the passports in about 5-10 working days after the application mail is received by the Consulate General.

Please be patient and check tracking number of return envelope by yourself.


1) The Consulate will issue visa in accordance with Chinese laws and regulations and the Covid-19 epidemic prevention policies.

2) As long as the reasons and facts are true and the materials are sufficient, the applicant can complete the visa application on his own without seeking help from others.

3) Any organization or individual who claims to be able to handle the invitation letter, prepare the application materials, or "guarantee" to obtain the visa is not credible. 

4) Please do not make travel arrangements before your visa is granted.

5) During COVID-19 pandemic, the applicants shall take nucleic acid and IgM antibody tests in the departure city, and get a green health QR code online. Please click here for more information. All passengers to China should follow quarantine and prevention control measures, including but not limited to observation and isolation measures.


Notes for filling in online visa application form

1) Please complete all items listed online, and make sure all information is true and accurate. If there is any change, omission or error in the application form after submission, you should to fill in the form again.

2) If you were born in China or used to have Chinese citizenship, you should input your Chinese name in section of 'Name as written in native language'.

3) Applicants who used to have Chinese citizenship, please select "yes" in section of "have you ever held any other nationality", and select "China" under "Former nationality" and fill in relevant information according to whether to apply for Chinese visa for the first time.

4) Please fill in the education background from high school onwards, family information, detailed information about your intended trip to China and previous international travel as required.

5) Please select "No" in section of "Are you travelling with someone else this time".

6) After completing the form, please print out the confirmation page and visa form, and sign the confirmation page and visa form. The application form must be typed online and handwritten form or previous PDF visa form will not be accepted.

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